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Austin Kleon Creativity

The Most Creative Advice from Austin Kleon

These 5 terrific ideas Austin Kleon has shared, many from other artists, offer unique and interesting ways to approach creativity.
Fluent Forever Book Summary

👅 Fluent Forever — Gabriel Wyner

Lots of actionable advice for learning a new language (or reviewing one), including research-based methods to improve memorization.
Mark Rober Glitterbomb Design Review

How Successful is Mark Rober against Package Thieves?

The Mark Rober Glitterbomb video attracted over 30 million views. I dug deeper into the product design, materials, and the user experience.
Zero to One Summary

🔂 Zero to One – Peter Thiel

Peter Thiel's book emphasizes finding market insights, innovations or "secrets" for a business that will grow over the next 10 - 20 years.
Ali Abdaal Skillshare Lessons

The Best Skill I Learned from Ali Abdaal Skillshare Classes

The doctor and YouTuber Ali Abdaal has released a few Skillshare classes. I watched the top four courses and collected the best insights.
The Elephant in the Braing

🐘 The Elephant in the Brain by Kevin Simler and Robin Hanson

This book offers insights for people curious about how our minds work and the social pressures we may be loathe to admit.
Swarm Podcasts

How I Swarm a New Topic with Podcasts

Podcasts show me a high level view of new topics. The conversations with authors and entrepreneurs help me figure out where to dig deeper.
Make Time - John Knapp

⏱ Make Time — Jake Knapp and John Zeratsky

The idea in this book is to be intentional about focus and what tasks to put your energy into. Choose activities that bring you satisfaction.
Company of One Summary

🥇 Company of One – Paul Jarvis

Paul Jarvis offers many small business examples and entrepreneurs building profitable and sustainable companies.
Best Podcasts 2020

Listen to the Best Podcast Episodes Dropped in 2020

The best ten podcasts from 2020, from entrepreneurs, authors, creators and health experts, with a few bonus episodes to add some laughter.