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How Dyson wins by ignoring market research

The famous home goods company got started by making products that customers said they didn’t want.
Made to Stick Summary

Made to Stick – Simple Stories Spread Best

Actionable lessons on how to share information clearly so that it spreads - bring an idea to life through storytelling.
Week Review

A Most Practical Weekly Review

Taking the time to learn from the past week's experience offers enormous benefits. Here are the most valuable questions to ask each week.

The Year’s Most Powerful Quotes

These ideas stood out as the best things I read, discovered, and revisited in 2021, along with the actionable advice I took away.

My Multi-faceted Book List

My favorite books of 2021, ranging from fascinating biographies, to engaging business books, to skillfully written fiction.
Top Reads in 2021 So Far

Great Books and More | Top Reads of 2021

These are my favorite reads so far in 2021, including some fiction, a better way to practice, and using time more efficiently.
Peak Book Summary

⚔️ Peak — Anders Ericsson

Talent is not what carries people to become top performer. Instead, deliberate practice leads the upper levels of performance.

Adam Grant’s Advice on Just Manageable Wins

How to get past languishing, the feeling of stagnation and emptiness - the answer from a behavioral psychologist and Wharton professor.
Ezra Klein Lessons

Insightful Lessons from 5 years of Interviews

Ezra Klein offered this lesson after all his interviews with Vox. And now he has become a New York Times writer and podcaster.
Austin Kleon Creativity

The Most Creative Advice from Austin Kleon

These 5 terrific ideas Austin Kleon has shared, many from other artists, offer unique and interesting ways to approach creativity.