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I’m excited about the stories we can tell by combining new technology and ideas to create physical experiences.

Blossom Interactive, Sep 2016


I’ve worked on many consumer products in my career, but I’ve gotten the most joy out of building interactive projects and installations.

Blossom Interactive

The most satisfying thing I ever built was the 6 foot tall interactive flower that you can see above. Blossom Interactive was a project to raise awareness for Hunger Action Month in Philadelphia.

We built it with a funding from the Penn Praxis Social Impact Grant and partnered with four local non-profits.

Portal to the Parks

Another heart-warming project was the trailer pop-up exhibit we built to encourage visits to National Parks.


Our interactive wayfinding kiosks won Best User Experience at the PennApps hackathon in 2017.

Beer Selfie Stick

The Beer Selfie Sticks got honorable mention at the “Stupid $hit No One Needs” Hackathon hosted at NYU in 2017.

Climbing Chatbot


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