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I work on diverse products from wearables to drones to consumer hardware.

This platform allows me to share my experiences and illuminate lessons I discover.

What I learned this year — Top 50 Extraordinary Ideas [2023]

Squeeze and orange and it makes orange juice. What happens when you get squeezed? And 49 more lessons on on leadership, focus, and happiness.

Top 15 Fantastic Books of 2022

My favorites from the year’s big stack of books, including celebrity auto-biographies, terrific fiction, and inspiring true stories. From the top of the list: (3) Made to Stick (2) Humor, Seriously (1) Invention: A Life

Three Mistakes to Avoid when Inventing a New Product

The top lessons from my experience inventing new products and advice for finding clearer focus for your goals.

Recent Activities (2022)


I have worked in product development professionally for over ten years, but I also like to build fun projects on the side.

I get so curious about new technologies that I often have to mess around with them myself. My favorite project to date is a 6 foot flower we built to raise awareness for Hunger Action Month.

My Latest Writing


I love to share lessons and stories of elevated performance, lifestyle experiments, and outdoor adventure 🏔
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