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I work on products ranging from wearables to drones, consumer products, and interactive sculptures. I also like to share lessons from my experiences in product development.

New Ideas to Challenge What You Know

What I learned building a Soft Robot

Soft robotics is a fast-growing industry with an annual growth rate of 40% in the past few years. I’ve saved you the pain of trying to make a soft robot by doing it myself, with modest success.

The Power of the 30 Day Challenge

It’s amazing how much a person can learn in the first few weeks trying something new. This is what works for me to build up a daily practice, which doesn’t require a huge time commitment.

πŸ₯‡ Company of One by Paul Jarvis β€” Book Highlights

Building a company to a sustainable size can be tough with all the pressure to grow and grow. Here’s some advice on how to do it, with many small business examples and stories.

Recent Activities (2022)


I have worked in product development professionally for over ten years, but I also like to build fun projects on the side.

I get so curious about new technologies that I often have to mess around with them myself. The video story of How I built a Soft Robotic Jellyfish has received over 26k views on YouTube.

My Latest Writing


I write every week about interesting stuff.
(products, podcast, articles and videos)
Most often it’s related to how things are made and getting outdoors. πŸ”


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