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I work on diverse products from wearables to drones to consumer hardware.

This platform allows me to share my experiences and illuminate lessons I discover.

50 things I’ve learned this year (2022)

How to do One Energizing Thing, Leading versus Walking, and why you should “feed the pigs so they learn to fly” – this list includes ideas, high impact quotes, and a few illustrations.

Top 15 Fantastic Books of 2022

My favorites from the year’s big stack of books, including celebrity auto-biographies, terrific fiction, and inspiring true stories. From the top of the list: (3) Made to Stick (2) Humor, Seriously (1) Invention: A Life

Three Mistakes to Avoid when Inventing a New Product

The top lessons from my experience inventing new products and advice for finding clearer focus for your goals.

Recent Activities (2022)


I have worked in product development professionally for over ten years, but I also like to build fun projects on the side.

I get so curious about new technologies that I often have to mess around with them myself. My favorite project to date is a 6 foot flower we built to raise awareness for Hunger Action Month.

My Latest Writing


I love to share lessons and stories of elevated performance, lifestyle experiments, and outdoor adventure 🏔
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