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How Successful is Mark Rober against Package Thieves?

Mark Rober Glitterbomb Design Review

Over 32 million people watched the Mark Rober Glitterbomb video. I dug deeper into the product design, materials, and the user experience of the package.

When designing a new product it can be hard to account for all the stakeholders.

How do you think about all the extra people involved in the process? The circle of influence expands beyond just the designer and the user. One helpful way to frame this is by looking at interest and influence levels.

Stakeholder Map

Here’s an example of a stakeholder map from my time working on video game controllers to sell at Walmart.

Mark Rober Glitterbomb Stakeholders

At the end of my video, I map out all the stakeholders in the Glitterbomb project from the inventor, Mark Rober, to the porch thieves to the good samaritans who returned the packages.

WATCH: Glitterbomb Design Review (YouTube)

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Glitter Bomb 1.0 vs Porch Pirates (Dec 2018, 80+ Million Views)

The original with the full explanation for why Mark started building the glitter bombs.

Glitter Bomb 2.0 vs Porch Pirates (Dec 2019, 50+ Million Views)

In the second version Mark gets fancier. He also seeks retribution on one volunteer who just straight up steals the glitter bomb and ghosts the team. Mark’s response… is a little over the top.

Glitterbomb 3.0 vs Porch Pirates (Dec 2020, 30+ Million Views)

This version features a metal enclosure and some other updates. I review this specific design.

How was Mark Rober’s Glitterbomb Made? (Dec 2018)

From Sean Hodkins, Mark’s co-conspirator on this project. This video provides some good background to the design process and a few ideas that failed.


What is my favorite exploding glitter experiment? Creator Imbrandonfarris fills an enormous pumpkin with 13 pounds of glitter and then wraps rubber bands around it until it explodes.