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Dyson G-Force Cyclone Vacuum

The Power of Avoiding James Dyson’s Mistakes

The mistakes along James Dyson’s path to enormous success, the value of stubbornness to win out in the end, and a constructive tip on learning in your field.
Yvon Chouinard's Book Let My People Go Surfing

Yvon Chouinard’s Valuable Insights in the Art of Living

What a mountain climber can teach us about pursuing excellence
Mini Katanas

[Mini Katana Founder] Isaac Medeiros on Short-Video led Massive Growth

The dominance of short-form videos and TikTok opens the door to new content and styles with the ability to reach millions of people.
Tom Gerhardt - Studio Neat

The Most Useful Lessons from Studio Neat’s Successful Product Launches

The advice Tom Gerhadt shared with a community of makers on how to build products for your community and get feedback quickly.

Why a Good Tag-Line Beats Great Engineering

The story of Swytch Bike founder Oliver Montague unlocking the value of his engineering skills by building a brand.
Inventing a New Product like James Dyson

Inventing a New Product – 3 Mistakes to Avoid

The top lessons from my experience inventing new products and advice for finding clearer focus for your goals.
Snap Drone

Can Snapchat’s Drone compete with the iPhone?

Why Snap Inc keeps making hardware even if it could lose money.

How Dyson wins by ignoring market research

The famous home goods company got started by making products that customers said they didn’t want.
Mark Rober Glitterbomb Design Review

How Successful is Mark Rober against Package Thieves?

The Mark Rober Glitterbomb video attracted over 30 million views. I dug deeper into the product design, materials, and the user experience.

What I learned building a Soft Robot

Are you ever so curious about a new technology that you want to try to build it yourself? Well, that’s how I often feel, and I’ve saved you the pain of trying to make a soft robot by doing it myself.
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