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Top 50 Lessons - What I Learned in 2023

What I learned this year — Top 50 Extraordinary Ideas [2023]

Squeeze and orange and it makes orange juice. What happens when you get squeezed? And 49 more lessons on on leadership, focus, and happiness.
Dyson G-Force Cyclone Vacuum

The Power of Avoiding James Dyson’s Mistakes

The mistakes along James Dyson’s path to enormous success, the value of stubbornness to win out in the end, and a constructive tip on learning in your field.
Yvon Chouinard's Book Let My People Go Surfing

Yvon Chouinard’s Valuable Insights in the Art of Living

What a mountain climber can teach us about pursuing excellence
Mini Katanas

[Mini Katana Founder] Isaac Medeiros on Short-Video led Massive Growth

The dominance of short-form videos and TikTok opens the door to new content and styles with the ability to reach millions of people.
Tom Gerhardt - Studio Neat

The Most Useful Lessons from Studio Neat’s Successful Product Launches

The advice Tom Gerhadt shared with a community of makers on how to build products for your community and get feedback quickly.

Why Striving for Excellence is Better than Chasing Perfection

Lessons from Atomic Habits, the process of Ship, Quit & Learn, plus how to ask the right question even when it might sound stupid.
Happiness Advantage Summary

Happiness Advantage – The Connection Between Lollipops and High Performance

Shawn Anchor shares the benefits of a positive psychology, tips for leaders, and great advice for anyone wanting to improve their outlook.
Seth Godin on Rich Roll

[From Seth Godin] Avoid Being a Wandering Generality

After his first best-selling book, he nearly quit writing. You may recognize the "unknown" author who inspired Seth Godin to keep publishing.
Sam Altman Advice

Don’t Defer Your Dreams | Advice from Sam Altman

The founder of OpenAI offers insightful advice for entrepreneurs and business leaders on building with conviction and being curious.
Amazon Fire Phone Lessons

The Success in Amazon Enormous Fire Phone Failure

Out of the ashes of the Fire Phone came multiple successful products from hardware to a service tool used all over the world today.