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Seth Godin on Rich Roll

[From Seth Godin] Avoid Being a Wandering Generality

After his first best-selling book, he nearly quit writing. You may recognize the "unknown" author who inspired Seth Godin to keep publishing.
Sam Altman Advice

Don’t Defer Your Dreams | Advice from Sam Altman

The founder of OpenAI offers insightful advice for entrepreneurs and business leaders on building with conviction and being curious.
Amazon Fire Phone Lessons

The Success in Amazon Enormous Fire Phone Failure

Out of the ashes of the Fire Phone came multiple successful products from hardware to a service tool used all over the world today.
Marshall Goldsmith Lesson

Marshall Goldsmith: Teamwork and How to Talk Better

In a wisdom-packed conversation, one of the world's leading executive coaches offers insights on effective team work and leadership.
Listen to your advice

Two Stories on Secrets to Learning Faster

Instead of learning lessons the hard way, smart people find stories from others. Here are few examples that have stuck with me.
Things I've Learned this Year

50 things I’ve learned this year (2022)

Feed the pigs so they’re ready to fly. It can take 1,000 days before a business succeeds. Set up easy systems so you can keep going.
Week Review

A Most Practical Weekly Review

Taking the time to learn from the past week's experience offers enormous benefits. Here are the most valuable questions to ask each week.

The Year’s Most Powerful Quotes

These ideas stood out as the best things I read, discovered, and revisited in 2021, along with the actionable advice I took away.

My Multi-faceted Book List

My favorite books of 2021, ranging from fascinating biographies, to engaging business books, to skillfully written fiction.

Adam Grant’s Advice on Just Manageable Wins

How to get past languishing, the feeling of stagnation and emptiness - the answer from a behavioral psychologist and Wharton professor.
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