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Two Stories on Secrets to Learning Faster

Listen to your advice

I’m following the advice from Professor Adam Grant to listen to your own advice, which means I’m re-reading my 50 lessons from 2022.

When I revisit the story behind each lesson it roots more firmly in my mind, so here’s one:

Jimmy Donaldson, aka Mr Beast, the biggest YouTuber on the planet, shows the compounding effect of learning.

Early in his career publishing videos online he began talking with two other aspiring creators every week. They told each other what was working and what wasn’t.

For Jimmy this made all the difference – he could learn 3X faster with the additional insights because he didn’t have to make each mistake himself.

Today Mr Beast works around the clock, but each evening he steps out for a 1-hour call with a business peer to give and receive lessons.

25) You can learn many times faster by learning from others than if you must experience every lesson yourself.

And one more because I’m full of lesson-thusiasm!

In an interview, Andrew Wilkinson, sometimes called the Warren Buffet of his generation, explains why he started a restaurant with zero experience.

You can learn much faster by getting going and making mistakes. For him, that meant failing with his first restaurant and losing $100,000.

That’s not quite what I’m signing up for! But the idea of starting small, whatever that means for you, resonates with me.

37) You wouldn’t go to the gym and try to bench press 200 lbs first go. Instead of trying to create a home run business first try, start with the 40-lb-bench-press kind of projects.

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