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My Multi-faceted Book List

My favorite books of 2021, ranging from fascinating biographies, to engaging business books, to skillfully written fiction.

Adam Grant’s Advice on Just Manageable Wins

How to get past languishing, the feeling of stagnation and emptiness - the answer from a behavioral psychologist and Wharton professor.
Ezra Klein Lessons

Insightful Lessons from 5 years of Interviews

Ezra Klein offered this lesson after all his interviews with Vox. And now he has become a New York Times writer and podcaster.
Austin Kleon Creativity

The Most Creative Advice from Austin Kleon

These 5 terrific ideas Austin Kleon has shared, many from other artists, offer unique and interesting ways to approach creativity.
Ali Abdaal Skillshare Lessons

The Best Skill I Learned from Ali Abdaal Skillshare Classes

The doctor and YouTuber Ali Abdaal has released a few Skillshare classes. I watched the top four courses and collected the best insights.
Swarm Podcasts

How I Swarm a New Topic with Podcasts

Podcasts show me a high level view of new topics. The conversations with authors and entrepreneurs help me figure out where to dig deeper.
Best Podcasts 2020

Listen to the Best Podcast Episodes Dropped in 2020

The best ten podcasts from 2020, from entrepreneurs, authors, creators and health experts, with a few bonus episodes to add some laughter.

The Power of the 30-Day Challenge

It's amazing how much a person can learn in the first few weeks trying something new. You don’t have to stop watching Netflix or reading the news. You just need to build up a daily practice.

The Exceptional Truth About Winter and Discomfort

Do extreme winter make us sad or happy? This is a story about lessons learned during a snow storm in Philadelphia.

Why I treat podcasts as articles

Some of the most fascinating people in the world will never write or publish anything. Yet we could be lucky enough to listen in on one or two conversations that they have with interesting people.