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Ezra Klein Lessons

I often go months without checking in on my favorite podcasts. I was late to discover that Ezra Klein, the journalist, podcaster, and co-founder of Vox Media, moved to the New York Times, where he hosts a new podcast.

In December he released his last episode with Vox and discussed several insightful lessons from his experiences interviewing all types of people. The idea that hit me the hardest was his emphasis on doing the reading.

The point is what happens in the time you spend engaging and wrestling with the book, or the movie, or the art or the music or whatever it is…
That’s where something happens that creates something new that gives you your own perspective on it.

For me the lesson also applies to using physical products, taking things apart, and designing products myself.

I can watch a video on how to build a desk, but I gain invaluable lessons assembling furniture that I measured and cut myself. And when I take apart a gadget I learn far more than when I read a teardown online.

Listen: What I’ve learned, and what comes next. | Vox Conversations (Dec 2020)

Ezra Klein — What I've Learned, What Comes Next.

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