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Why Striving for Excellence is Better than Chasing Perfection

Lessons from Atomic Habits, the process of Ship, Quit & Learn, plus how to ask the right question even when it might sound stupid.

Humor, Seriously – Great Combo of Science and Business

Approach things lightly and with a playful attitude to add humor to your interactions. Sometimes just laughing more is enough.
Extended Mind Summary

The Extended Mind – Path to Greater Intelligence

People can use technology, social interaction, and our bodies to fully tap into the brain. Even just gesturing can fire more neurons.
Invention a life Summary

Invention: A Life of Amazing Inventions and Stubborn Will

Amazing inventions and great success, but James Dyson also struggled with many obstacles, challenges, and a few failures (the Ballbarrow?)
Made to Stick Summary

Made to Stick – Simple Stories Spread Best

Actionable lessons on how to share information clearly so that it spreads - bring an idea to life through storytelling.