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Top 15 Fantastic Books of 2022

My favorites from the year's big stack of books, including celebrity auto-biographies, terrific fiction, and inspiring true stories.

Humor, Seriously – Great Combo of Science and Business

Approach things lightly and with a playful attitude to add humor to your interactions. Sometimes just laughing more is enough.
Extended Mind Summary

The Extended Mind – Path to Greater Intelligence

People can use technology, social interaction, and our bodies to fully tap into the brain. Even just gesturing can fire more neurons.
Invention a life Summary

Invention: A Life of Amazing Inventions and Stubborn Will

Amazing inventions and great success, but James Dyson also struggled with many obstacles, challenges, and a few failures (the Ballbarrow?)
Made to Stick Summary

Made to Stick – Simple Stories Spread Best

Actionable lessons on how to share information clearly so that it spreads - bring an idea to life through storytelling.
Top Reads in 2021 So Far

Great Books and More | Top Reads of 2021

These are my favorite reads so far in 2021, including some fiction, a better way to practice, and using time more efficiently.
Peak Book Summary

⚔️ Peak — Anders Ericsson

Talent is not what carries people to become top performer. Instead, deliberate practice leads the upper levels of performance.
Fluent Forever Book Summary

👅 Fluent Forever — Gabriel Wyner

Lots of actionable advice for learning a new language (or reviewing one), including research-based methods to improve memorization.
Zero to One Summary

🔂 Zero to One – Peter Thiel

Peter Thiel's book emphasizes finding market insights, innovations or "secrets" for a business that will grow over the next 10 - 20 years.
The Elephant in the Braing

🐘 The Elephant in the Brain by Kevin Simler and Robin Hanson

This book offers insights for people curious about how our minds work and the social pressures we may be loathe to admit.
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